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EStartups is a creative Online Marketing Agency, based in Bangalore, India. Where expertise is beyond years & creativity boundless. We specialize in helping clients nationwide with their digital marketing effort. We are a Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore which is excited about assisting your business to grow by focused, quantifiable, interactive and intelligent showcasing digital marketing solutions to reach and change over leads into customers and retain them!

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NF Dictate
NF Dictate INR 40000 INR 40000 NF Dictate NF Dictate is a service by NowFloats in which our specialized representative gets in touch with you, understands your business well enough and then regularly contacts you or your designated associate to get the latest updates**. All this upon your convenience, of course. Think of it as the easiest way to build content for your business website that will get you maximum traffic and business leads. Recommended, if you are trying but not finding time to post 2 to 3 updates/offers/products per week. True 1520242508
NF BL + Wildfire
NF BL + Wildfire INR 60000 INR 60000 NF WildFire + Base Plan WildFire is essentially a way to drive inorganic web traffic to a NowFloats website using different channels like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, by matching the keywords from the content of the website and thus generating ROI for the website. This is an add on product to our Base Plan NF Light House. WildFire is the combination of two i.e. NF Light House (for organic discovery) + SEM on Google or Sponsored Ads on Facebook. So spread your discovery of your business online like a WildFire. More the visibility, more will be the chances of business conversions. Product pricing (excluding LightHouse price) INR 65,000* annually. WildFire is our organic Light House product boosted with regular inorganic spikes. It auto-promotes the website using digital marketing channels like Google™ and Facebook™. *Taxes Extra True 1520242215
NF Boost Lite 1 Year
NF Boost Lite 1 Year INR 29000 INR 29000 To get your Business Online Presence True 1519717081
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97 1 St Floor Patton House 2 Koramangala
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